Life is a Beach OR

Dog Paw Print Frame

- your choice

$28 +tax

Pineapple Lantern

$36 +tax

Pottery To Go!

All pottery to Go kits include your choice of colors, brushes and instructions.

Call us when you are on your way  and we have your order on a table outside the studio. Limited delivery options available.

           Choose your kit and pay below  OR call the studio at 386.676.2240 for a custom order.

Tic Tac Toe Kit

includes tile box, game pieces - your choice of shells/flip flops/half each and materials for bubble painting and taping off the game board!

$45 +tax

10" plate with rim

$25 +tax

Medium Serving Tray

$36 +tax


$28 +tax

For larger, smaller or different options, please message us and we are happy to help!

Unicorn Plaque

(bubble painting supplies & instructions included)

$42 +tax

10" coupe plate

$25 +tax

Specialty Mugs

Whale, Flamingo, Crab, Grumpy Cat, Dog Mom, Sea Horse, Hammer or Octopus

$24 +tax

CANVAS TO GO $20/$25

INCLUDES paint, brushes and instructions and pics for reference.Choose your kit below or contact us for additional options

Bubblegum Bank

 instructions & tool for making gumballs included

$42 +tax

Garden Gnome

$32 +tax

10" square plate

$32 +tax

Party Animals

- your choice of frog, giraffe,  dolphin, cat, peacock, dog, owl, bird, sloth, dinosaur and more!

$15 +tax

Faceted Animals

- your choice of Rhinoceros, Unicorn, Fox, Owl or Bear

$42 +tax

Regular 16 oz. mug

$15 each