Paint & Design      Exercise that left brain! TIme to paint, design, and create! Don't worry, our staff is here to help!

Wet Clay

Still can't find a project?

Work with wet clay! Handbuild your own masterpiece!


oooo, so shiny!

After glazing your piece we pop it in the kiln. We call you in about 1 week to come pick it up!


form your clay

Transform that lump of clay! Be sure our staff shows you how to score and slip. We have a ton of tools to help you with the process!


ahhh, so smooth!

After designing your glass project we pop it in the kiln! We will call you in about 1 week for pick up, 2 weeks for slumps.

Pottery Painting

Choose from our wide array of pre made pottery. Mugs, banks, figurines, boxes, and more!

wow, how cool!

Your lump of clay turned art piece must dry for 1 week before going into the kiln. We call you in about 2 weeks for pick up!

Glass Fusion

Choose a glass nightlight, sun-catcher, slumped vase, tile, pendant & earring, and more!

select your glass

We have a ton of transparent and opaque glass for your design. Ask one of our staff about using frit or stringers!

Pick Up Project      So exciting, right! All that hard work and now you have a beautiful one of a kind piece of art!

Glaze your pot

Time to get creative and glaze your project! Don't worry, we have plenty of tools and inspiration for you to use!

Choose Your Project

No appointment needed! Just drop in whenever is most convenient for you!